French Polynesia

Tucked away in a far-flung corner of the Earth are the breath-taking French Polynesia islands. With outstanding natural beauty, ultra-luxurious resorts with over water villas and family-friendly beach hotels, a French Polynesia holiday is out of this world!

Consisting of three main islands; Tahiti, Moorea and the famous Bora Bora, each of the French Polynesia islands offer their own authentic island experience.

Tahiti is the Queen of the Pacific and the largest island in the South Pacific, it’s a stunning island with a gorgeously dense jungle and perfect for those wanting to explore as well as relax. Moorea is The Magical Island, its emerald peaks soar high above sea level and is quintessentially one of the most exotic destinations on Earth. Finally, there’s Bora Bora, the Romantic Island, the one that is on everyone’s bucket list and the picture perfect honeymoon destination. Bora Bora is known as the most beautiful island in the world and while the journey may take a while, it is definitely worth it.

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Things To Do in French Polynesia

Explore the Islands

There's more to the French Polynesia islands than just beaches. Hop on a 4x4 tour and discover the natural beauty, learn about the islands' history and visit colourful villages to meet the locals. 

helicopter tour of moorea

Helicopter Tour

Take to the skies for some of the most breath-taking views in the world. You'll see towering peaks covered in lush greenery and islands scattered like gemstones across the sea. 


Papeete Shopping

Discover the true heart of Tahiti, in the capital of Papeete. The 150 year old public market is filled with oils, vanilla, fruits and Tahitian crafts. Remember to take plenty of cash for reminders of your dream holiday to Tahiti.  

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Photos of French Polynesia

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