Antarctica may be the coldest place on Earth, but it’s also a vast icy wilderness just waiting to be explored. There’s no other destination that offers such breath-taking scenery, a chance to get up close and personal with amazing wildlife, and the opportunity to explore a world that very few have been lucky enough to see in person.

Visit South Georgia and walk in the footsteps of the brave explorers who first discovered this part of the world. Take a moment to visit the museums, photograph the king penguins and take a trip down the infamous Drakes Passage, towards the Antarctica Peninsula. You can camp under the stars, kayak through towering icebergs and explore a landscape that has barely been touched by mankind. With its magnificent glaciers and imposing mountains, it’s a true adventures dream that is quite literally poles apart from our normal day to day.

This once in a life time experience is just as amazing as it sounds, so if you’re ready to start planning your epic Antarctic adventure, just get in touch and our experts who will be happy to help.

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Good To Know

Flight Time

19 hours

Time Zone

-3 hours GMT


English, French and Russian


Pound Sterling
Falkland Islands Pound

Things To Do in Antarctica

kayaking in antarctica

Go Kayaking

To experience Antarctica up close and personal, there really is no better way to see this incredible destination than by embarking on a kayaking expedition. You will see breath-taking scenery and maybe spot a whale or two.

The Polar Plunge

Nothing care prepare you for the thrilling Polar Plunge, you just have to take the leap - quite literally. The Polar Plunge is where you jump off the side of the ship into the icy waters of the Antarctica. It's definitely one to you will never forget!
Photo Credit: Adrian Boyle

drakes passage antarctica

Drake Passage

To get to the Antarctica you've got to get through Drake Passage. It is a body of water where the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern seas meet and with no resistance from landmass, they are some of the choppiest waters in the world!

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Photos of Antarctica

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